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Tim Hunkin - new videos (and remastered old ones)

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Back in 2017 I mentioned James May's "Reassembler" TV series and Tim Hunkin's name came up in the discussion - specifically his "Secret Life of Machines" TV series thirty years ago. The 'makers' amongst you might be interested in a new series of YouTube videos - 'The Secret Life of Components" - that are just becoming available (the first 4 of 8 are viewable now). He's also remastering the original "Secret Life of Machines" from the original production video tapes. For more information see Tim's website - and YouTube videos page.
Be warned - his website is a rabbit hole, if you like the first thing you watch you're likely to be lost for hours. You can see Tim's creations in him the UK (in the 'Novelty Automation" arcade in London and on the pier at Southwold in Suffolk) and in San Francisco at the Exploratorium (where he used to have a yearly 1 month residency) - most are currently closed due to Covid I think.


  • I’m a bit surprised no-one has followed the links. Tim’s latest video - on connectors - is full of useful tips and info for anyone who makes their own rig or transmitter.

  • I just had a quick look at his YouTube channel, Dave. The man is clearly a (somewhat mad) genius, and there's hours of entertainment there for anyone who has the time.

  • Tim is a modest genius !


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