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Sometimes things do not look better from an aerial perspective

Kattendijke is a lovely village when you drive through it, with a nice 15th century church and orchards surrounding it. I figured it would make a nice subject for KAP. I made an effort to get as close as possible to the church. But that turned to be more difficult than I expected. I ended up with shots of backyards cluttered with rubbish, sheds, etc. Finding a subject that makes an interesting aerial photo is one of the hardest aspects of KAP. Do you recognize this?


  • Absolutely ... it's difficult to choose a cool enough subject to a) get an attractive shot and b) create/visualize a story.
    And sometimes things hidden behind walls shoud stay hidden :-) ... (we had an awful experience with a KAP session over an attractive castle - turned out the guy who rents it totally neglects it; the courtyard was full of rubbish, a hideous plastic roof covered a part of it etc.; reported it to local heritage protection office - and they were shocked).

  • Well I, for one, still think it's a nice picture.

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