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Snow Works

Winter has a firm grip on the North Eastern part of the United States....no surprise for February!
We have had about a foot of snow on the ground for several weeks. This has cut into KAP / kite flying time a bit. Been enjoying flying kites several times a week .... with snow sticking to the kite line at times. KAP sessions are averaging about 1 / week....

The pandemic has reduced my work travel and kite activities have been limited to one of my favorite places to fly kites....the Wind Watcher proving grounds!

Experiments above the Wind Watcher proving grounds (field behind my home) have continued through the winter months... Main focus of testing has been on:
- Tweaks to the adjustable dynamic spreader (Mike Leduc) for the ITTW Levitation delta kite.
- Bridle adjustments to a couple of Rokkaku kites
- Experiments with the Sony in camera Play Memory - time lapse app.
- Drone testing....picked up a DJI Mini 2, completed registration and obtained my FAA Part 107 commercial drone license...
- Been experimenting with taking 4K video from the Mini 2 of my kites showing how they perform in different wind conditions.
- Testing the quality of both KAP Sony A6000 images vs. the DJI Mini 2 images with both using raw files with some post processing.
- Did have a bit of excitement with a kite stuck in a tree..... story coming....

See a few comparison shots - see if you can tell the difference between the KAP shots and non KAP shots ;-)

The snow from above. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmUuf1q8

More snow from the above. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmUqRh3e

I have also included a YouTube video showing the kite testing above Wind Watcher proving grounds.... with a surprise at the end!


Snow KAP - Pictures from a Kite

Snow View

Snow KAP - Pictures from a Kite

Snow View
Snow KAP - Pictures from a Kite

Snow View


  • You're right. I can't tell the difference between the KAP shots and non KAP shots. No visible fish-eye lens distortion. Did you correct this while post-processing? Nice sharp images.

  • Great photos and absolutely wonderful video Jim. I'm looping it on my big screen, next to a roaring fire with a good book... doesn't get much better than this :).

  • What a fantastic subject for your drone footage, Jim! I thought perhaps the balloon was going to land in your back yard, but I'm guessing it flew on. You seem to have very quickly got to grips with flying the drone. And yet another kite in a tree?? You really should write a book about it.

  • Beautiful winter landscapes. Not sure if I'll ever have the opportunity to fly a kite over snow.

  • Nice pics and video, Wind Watcher. Like you I have picked up a mini 2 several months ago and I am experimenting with the same thing. From my experience so far with the mini 2, shooting in 2.7k 60fsp is a lot smoother than 4k 30Fsp. Just something to test out if you have not already. I found the 60Fsp to almost eliminate the judder I get when I yaw/ pan. In regards to filming the Kites it a lot more tricky that I thought. It's hard to get too close as the kites are constantly moving a bit so this is where I use the digital zoom. I tried twice to KAP in the snow and I must say it was really hard and I hard to abort the mission twice. lol.

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