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Something strange in the sky

When I flew my Levitation Delta a few days ago, I may as well mention something else that was briefly sharing the same air space. When I was watching my kite in the sky, I saw something small and white pass behind it. It was moving diagonally across the sky. At first, I thought it was a bird checking out my kite. However, it was moving in a perfectly straight line. I notice that when birds fly, they sometimes make a bit of a curved flight path or sometimes go up and down a bit. I guess it may have been a drone perhaps though then again, why would someone send up a drone this high on a windy day? I did have a lot of line out so my kite was fairly high when this white object passed behind it.

Another odd thing is that it seemed to fade from view as it went across the sky. Quite a neat vanishing act. If I recall correctly, it was travelling downward to the right on a diagonal line. I was looking into the sun with sunglasses so it was hard to identify what this thing was. Though it sort of looked like it had a round shape.


  • We often see strange things during KAP. This is my Levitation evidently leaving a contrail.

  • Now there's something you don't see everyday!

  • Ken led a formation of 4 Typhoons across the sky the other day.
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