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GoPro App

Anyone using this app? My son-in-law is giving me his old GoPro Silver 3+ and I was wondering if the wifi signal was ample to see video on the ground. The only Android device I have is an old phone running 4.4.4, which doesn't seem to like even the older versions of the app.


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    I have a GoPro Hero 3 Silver and I once used the app to get a live view from the camera when it was on top of a pole that was close to 7 meters in height or thereabouts. Great view from up there. The frustrating thing was that you couldn't take photos or video while the live view app was running. All you could do was look at the view and that was it.

    Ive heard some people comment on youtube that wifi is not powerful enough to send the signal from a kite line to the ground over the typical distances used. No harm in trying though.

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