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Canon PowerShot G9 X

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Hi everyone,

A search turned up a few posts about this camera, but they didn't quite answer my particular question. I'm interested in it because it is pretty much the same size as the S100, which I currently own, and only a little bit heavier, but it has a much bigger 1"-type sensor. I'm aware that it's not supported by CHDK and it doesn't have usable video out. If I were to buy it, I would use it in either an AutoKAP rig or R/C with a separate micro camera for the video downlink.

Anyway, my question is about how the image quality compares to the S100 and similar cameras. The reviews online are kind of mixed regarding the sharpness of the lens. It does have higher resolution than the S100, but whether that helps in practice is another question. (I'm mainly thinking about viewing these fullscreen on a monitor, rather than making large prints.) I would hate to spend a few hundred dollars and not get a significant upgrade in image quality. If anyone has used this camera and can comment on that, I'd appreciate it.


  • Hi montagdude,
    from the presentation of michel2e during KAPiZoom 2021 it sounds that it is possible a connection wi-fi between CANON G7X and a good smartphone, you can see the camera view and probably take pictures pushing a button on your phone at ground;
    distance is a key point but probably up to 100 m distance it works fine
    SMAC from Italy


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    Hi smac,

    I did think about the possibility of using the wifi capability for remote control. I have a Canon EOS M50 (which I will not be lifting with the kite) that can be controlled remotely through the smartphone app, but even at close range there is a lot of latency, and the connection is not very reliable. I think I'd rather use traditional radio control. But I'm really wondering more about the image quality than how to control it.

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    I just found out about the Sony RX0. It's 110 grams, shockproof, has a 1 inch sensor and a sharp, fixed wide angle lens. This thing seems perfect for KAP. If only it weren't so expensive...

    Anyway, I'm still interested to hear about the G9X.

  • Hi montagdude,
    you'll find here a file from G9x https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6cy8uxt88owe7z/Desserte-26022019-4840.JPG?dl=0 (I hope uneditted ??)
    this is first version. Although not perfect, there is a big difference with s100. better iso, larger resolution ( = easier to crop if needed).

  • Michel,

    Thanks for your comment and the sample. Good to hear it's a big upgrade on the S100. I'll keep it in mind for the future. Currently I'm just thinking about where I want to go next from my S100 fixed rig.

  • The Canon G9 X should work well.
    If sharpness is your goal you may find the Sony A6000 ABS-C sensor camera paired with sharp 20mm Sony prime lens a good fit for auto KAP. ;-)

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    Yeah, those mirrorless cameras are nice. I have a Canon EOS M50 which has spoiled me a bit with regard to image quality, but I'm not confident enough to put something so big and expensive on my kite.

    The more I look the more I think that Sony RX0 would be perfect. It's only 110 grams, and based on sample images I've seen from reviews, the image quality is clearly better than the G9X. In good light it looks very close to as good as what APS-C cameras produce for landscapes. Check out the ones from this review, for example:


    I guess one possible downside is that the lens is only f/4, which might mean the ISO would need to be increased to use a high shutter speed. And it's as expensive as some APS-C cameras, but it is waterproof and shockproof like a GoPro, so I wouldn't be as nervous about using it for KAP. Anyway, I guess this is off-topic now. I don't see myself buying a new camera until there are good deals later in the year in any case, but if I do (either the G9 X, the RX0, or something else) I'll be sure to post what I think of it.

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    I came across something interesting. I use Linux with KDE Plasma as the desktop environment. Today I set one of my aerial photos from the S100 as the desktop wallpaper on my work computer, which is Windows, and was surprised to find that it seemed a little bit sharper than on my Linux machine. The monitors on both machines are 16:9 and lower than the full resolution of these images, so it does some cropping and rescaling when applying them as a desktop wallpaper. I tried doing that myself with Gimp instead so that the OS wouldn't have to, and now they look a little bit better as a desktop wallpaper on Linux too. In the past, KDE had a very noticeable bug with rescaling wallpapers. It's better now, but maybe still not quite optimal. It's a subtle difference, but enough to make me feel happier looking at my desktop. That's something to be aware if you are using Linux with the same desktop environment.

    I'll still upgrade the camera eventually, but for now this helps a bit.

  • Regarding the Sony RX0: I just got a good offer, so I dived into the tests and reviews of this camera. Result: The RX0 (at least the MK I) does not have a built-in intervalometer nor can it load one from the Sony PlayMemories App (as the bigger models can install it). Therefore, it is uncontrollable int he air, alike the G9x and many other great, lightweight-ideal-kap-cams-with-great-IQ. :s :'(

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    I think I read that the Mk II has a built-in intervalometer, but it's also more expensive. But yeah, with the Mk I, a servo is probably the only option.

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