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Bodging a 360 capable KAP rig

Electrical tape has been a great KAP friend to over the years!

I had been thinking about making a sort of Picavet clamp to grip the handle of my DJI Osmo at its narrowest point is I've tried to demonstrate below. About 40mins after that idea, my low-grade DIY mind realised that I can just tape an existing cross to the base of the camera handle. And so I have......

In theory, I now have a full 360 camera rig which is wi-fi controllable via my phone and the appropriate DJI app. I just need to find the battery charger now in order for to test this out :-)

For those who might like this idea, I'd consider buying the first version of the DJI Osmo Pocket which is advertised as weighing just 116g. There are tripod bases available for these which would make attaching to a picavet arguably more secure than my tape method. This is a seriously lightweight way of having the potential to shoot at all angles. The original Osmo I have is approx 220g which is still on the lighter side for a KAP camera.


  • Hi Kevin,
    huuuuummmm I have a lot of questions but let's start with the first one: what is the model you use for camera ?
    for unknown reasons, i'm not addicted to electrical tap...but rather to rubberband ;-)
    but this case, i've changed and used a wire to give a try to this kind of experimentation with an osmo pocket,
    now the wire has been reduced to fit in the glasses pocket you see on the picture. This is a easy and ul way to kap stabilized !
    real range is not 360° : rather 300-310° ?? so need to identify what is the "blind side"
    wifi module is to be added on the pocket version so overall weight is closer to 150 g (with the line and wire ) this is why I gave this device a "150" mark: 150 g, 150 m range, no additional equipment.
    attempts to shake the video are here: https://dropbox.com/s/o8lccvqabzxr938/DJI_0158.MP4?dl=0. otherwise it is desesperately stable ;-)

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    This is the model of Osmo I will be flying; the original.

    I might try to find something to support my tape solution - I know I have some velcro straps somewhere.

    The range of the original Osmo from lock to lock is about 630º or 1.75 rotations. The camera itself tilts from approx 30º above the horizon to beyond the 90º vertical (looking straight down). I have not seen an Osmo Pocket in action so I am not aware of its range of motion.

    Thanks for sharing the video (Ouistreham?). I think your Osmo Pocket did a great job. It is encouraging to see that the wi-fi range is very good. I am waiting here for the wind to return to test my older Osmo. To have 4 consecutive days of very light winds in winter is unheard of on my windy island B) .

  • Just like Michel, I have been doing some tests with a DJI pocket on a pendulum using heavy duty velcro.

    My tests were not as succesfull as those of Michel though !

  • Pierre we should expore a bit what was different in your config. I will check if i was using a repeater but I do remember that one of my test has been made without any wifi repeater and the results were good!
    have you tested it without the stand. unless I'm wrong it is covering the wifi module (as you already noticed i'm not an expert in wifi propagation, but had yesterday very surprising results only turning the esp module on my desk the network signal went down by 20 dBm ! )

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