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Good riddance, 2020 - and Happy 2021!

So this strange, sad, long year is finally over. Wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2021 - it won't be hard for it to be better than 2020 ...

Enjoy a short review of our kite and KAP stuff in 2020 - and good winds to you all from Slovenia!



  • What a lot you achieved, despite all the problems with the virus! Quite amazing, really, and I hope you get to do everything you want in 2021.

  • Thank you, @NZflier ... :-)

  • Happy New Year to my fellow KAPers!
    Glad to see 2020 go.
    Looking forward to 2021 (KAPiZoom 2021 in two weeks (Jan 16))!
    Messages for all KAPers in 20021
    - May all you kites fly well and stay clear of trees and water
    - May your pictures be mostly exposed correctly (hopefully with a new camera with sharp focus and lots of MP).
    - May your risky KAP flights end safely (remember the safety box!)
    - May all your kite festivals not be cancelled
    - May all your travel restrictions be lifted (along with your kites)
    - May your kite string hold tight and never fail you!
    Kite Line Failure

  • ...and may Wind Watcher get back to his world travels and delighting us with all the wonderful photos from exotic places!

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