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Flying kites on Independence day

Slovenia celebrated its Independence day on 26th of December, and it was a perfect day to fly some kites ... check out the full KAP and kite flying session over Ljubljana Marshes here (one kite even caught another in the act!).


  • Nice photos. Do you have snow normally at this time of the year?

  • edited December 2020

    Yes, we do - but what's normal these days (there was snow a couple of weeks ago and more is forecasted for tomorrow). The (barely visible) Alps in the background of the first photo are covered in snow (above, say, 600-800 m), of course.

  • @YvonH - about that snow ...

    happening now :-)

  • nice. It looks pretty much like here lately. We had a little bit of snow, then no snow and now another thin coat of snow.

  • Fun place to fly!
    Waiting for Spring

    What Is That in the Sky?

  • Cool! We flew a couple of times from that exact spot :-)

  • Do you ever KAP in the snow? We only get snow a few times a year at most where I am.

  • We do - but rarely ... It's either too windy or there is no wind at all (and it's cold, too ;-) ...)

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