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Please share your favourite KAP shot of 2020 on Flickr

Hello All.
I have just started a new Flickr discussion that might be replicated right here on the KAP forum. Just for fun, please share your favourite KAP shot of 2020 with a little story on why you have selected it.
Link to discussion.
Best wishes,


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    Here's my favorite one. No super exciting story really, but this was the first time I flew from a beach, and the sea breeze was so easy to fly in. I like the photo because the boat just happened to be positioned in a really artistically pleasing way. I have a fixed rig and can't control it or preview the composition from the ground. I'm really glad I got into this hobby in 2020. I also posted this to the Flickr group. If you click it and look at my KAP album, you will see a few other pictures from that session.


  • This is a photo taken at the first "Drive in" kite festival at the Westmoreland Country Fair site in the UK. Festivals in 2020 have been cancelled or postponed so in September the Northern Kite Group held this festival. The wind had been almost non existent for most of the time so it was a struggle to put on a good show. You can see Oscar, the largest teddy bear in the world at the top. He is 63 feet long!! I thought I'd taken a series of photos as he was being taken down but....flat battery!!
    We only KAPed twice during the year, mainly because Ken & I practice Kite Ballets with our two line kites whenever the wind blows. We did actually fly the two Kite Ballets at the end of the festival and we're pleased to have a round of applause.

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    I find it impossible to choose favourite pictures (or favourite anything for that matter). In 2020 I've flown a camera and got some photos back 43 times. A few KAP sessions stand out from the rest.

    1 January 2020, I was in high up in Dinorwic slate quarry in North Wales. This is a dangerous place that as a former rock climber I am quite familiar with. I flew until the wind become squirrely, The wind is always funny here, I've flown before other areas of (or adjacent to) this massive quarry site, often thwarted by lack of or unsuitable wind. I got some of my best photos yet. A photo I posted here to the KAP forum earlier in the year:

    I KAPed at nine locations in January.
    End of February/Early March I was self isolating because I was ill without any symptoms (as recognised at the time) of COVID.

    23 March, for some lockdown fun I sent Cedric the Bear into the air in a basket, it was all fun until he climbed out without a parachute.

    26 April, Cedric was launched again this time riding a rokkaku with an actioncam balanced upfront.

    24 May, Many covid restrictions eased, can now travel further from home. For me the Malvern Hills are about an hour away on a good day. I got to Herefordshire Beacon, trying to get up the steep hill as quickly as possible before sunset, there was a slight breeze that had been absent all day. Just enough wind to maintain a camera, took some photos of the Iron Age hillfort and medieval motte castle that crowns the hill. Nice relaxed time watching the sun slowly sink into the far horizon.
    Herefordshire Beacon at Sunset

    Early the next morning 25 May I got to my favoured free parking spot at silly O'clock to head back to Herefordshire Beacon for Sunrise, I was not alone, to my surprise I was sharing the hill with 30+ well distanced other people. The sun came up at 5.02am, it was hard work keeping the kite going in the air and the camera too, I didn't get quite the shots I was after.
    Herefordshire Beacon and the Malvern Hills at Sunrise
    Really this one morning being out at sunrise kite flying with a camera, is a standout KAP session of the year, my pictures weren't great, the wind was done by 6.30am, maybe looking to brighter times ahead.

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    Great pictures, Hamish! If we're allowed to post more than one, I guess I'll add a couple more of my favorites.
    This one was taken from a park near my house. I really liked the lighting and shadows as well as how the town and bridge look from that altitude.
    And this one was taken just a couple days ago from a beach on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The curvy sandbars under the water form an interesting structure.

  • Copied from Flickr!....
    2020 saw my lowest volume of aerial photography since I started back in 2008. But I did enjoy each KAP session I had during the summer around Guernsey's neighbouring islands.

    I've picked this particular picture because I have been wanting to KAP from this sandbar that lies off Herm island for many years. This became one of our boating hotspots in 2020. Anchoring as shallow as possible without grounding on sand was a bit of a game this summer. When we explore places like this we are always factoring in the tide range - on this particular day it was probably 9m or about 30ft.


    Another couple of pictures... first one a 'tiny planet' version of a 360 over Alderney's lighthouse:
    Alderney Lighthouse planet
    The last one is from above Sark's harbour hill. If you ever go to Sark then unless you have your own boat this is the only way up to civilisation on the island!
    View down Harbour Hill, Sark
    For those interested, the 1st and 3rd pictures were taken with a DJI Osmo action camera with an ND4 filter. The lighthouse was taken with a Ricoh Theta Z1.

  • Like Ningaloo, my KPA volume dropped off in 2020 due to a number of member health care, restrictions on work travel related to Covid-19, lost rig, camera and kites ...., had to rebuild KAP rig from scratch and modify KAP trigger to onboard camera app. Conversely....I have been flying kites ~ 5 times a week over WW proving grounds....and lost a few kites to the two back... repairs continue.
    Ningaloo - love the photos!
    All, I am stating to pull together the agenda and details for the next KAPiZoom 2021 event schedule for January 16. More details to follow in a week or so.
    See a few of my favorite KAP shots below (taken the day after I lost my KAP rig and kite). Pictures take with my ultra lite kap rig (GoPro on a string).


    Kite Over Marco Island

    Kite Over Marco Island

    Kite Over Marco Island

  • Amazing what skill, experience, and a camera on a string can do!

  • Nice photos. Thanks for sharing
    I have to admit that the only kite I flew in 2020 was a little kite I repaired for someone. This is the first year since 2004 that I did not take any aerial photos. I hope 2021 will be better.

  • In 2020 I only KAPed 6 or 7 times much less than I hoped in my first year of retirement !!!
    Here are two images, one in Fakarava atoll, one in Tahaa island with a view of Bora Bora in the background

  • Dear friends!
    After more than 30 years I was able to KAP sunset on midsummer day on June 20th, 2020 on Fanø at this sea beacon.
    On the Kaverberg in Sønderho stands since 2001 a replica of the original beacon.
    At this place originally stood the oldest sea mark of Denmark (from 1624) which collapsed during a storm in 1935.
    This is a nice example that KAP requires patience.
    Hopefully we can make it in 2021 together.

  • A couple times a year I fly at Smith Rock State Park here in Central Oregon. Scenes from "Rooster Cogburn" and other movies were filmed here. The wind is almost always fickle, but I usually get a couple nice shots. The local TV station aired this one in their weather segment.

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    This is the span of the new Abbey- Chesterton cycle bridge as lifted into place.

  • and here prior to the lift:

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    All Siants church Landbeach. This took me 3 goes to get the shot I wanted. The 1st attempts were a mix of either not enough lift or too much!

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