KAP in the News

Made a KAP sighting in the media -- note it here

Local TV

Our local station in central Oregon has a segment during their Thursday 6pm newscast called Out & About. They do a slide show of viewer photos and I often get a KAP shot in every other week. This one is 2 pics stitched together (thanks to a steady 2 axis gimbal).


  • Hi larrycole,
    nice picture and glad to see on TV !!

    SMAC from Italy

  • That's cool. It must be pretty exciting and rewarding to see your work featured. I'm too much of a millennial to have a TV or watch local news, but I've gotten my stuff on YouTube before! Lol.

  • I'm the opposite - I retired from a career in TV/Video/Network Cable so I watch a lot. Our local newspaper used to print them too, but like many others, they dropped the section to save cost on paper.

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