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Getting back into the game

I am back yet again. I can't believe it's taken so long to get into KAP. Though I feel now that I am getting closer. I dragged out my 9ft Levitation Delta and it looks like I still have all the spars. Ive only flown it once in the past. As Ive mentioned before, the middle section of the three piece spreader has incurred some damage. There are some splits in the outer casing though I'm not sure if there's any internal damage. I have enquired at Kites And Fun Things about Sky Shark tubes but they are slow to respond. I think I might put the Levitation Delta into the air as it is with no payload and see how it flies. Though I vaguely recall the last time I flew it, the spreader flexed and soon after, the kite lost it's shape and the performance deteriorated.


  • OMG. Kites And Fun Things got back to me and informed me that international shipping of a Sky Shark tube would be about $50. That is insane. I'd better check out local options.

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    And by the way, that's likely US dollars so converted to my local currency, it would be AU$70 for postage. Way too steep for me. Though luckily, Kite Magic in Australia came to the rescue. I am in the middle of placing an order for a carbon tube through them. The guy on the phone claims that the hollow tube should be just as strong as the solid rod that it's replacing. I guess we will see if that is the case. I'm actually ordering two of them (one will be a backup.) It shouldn't be to long before my Levitation Delta is in the air again.

  • How did your Levitation Delta come to have a solid rod? All the spars are tubes, not rods!

  • With my Levitation Delta, the three piece spreader is made up of two outer tubes and one solid rod in the middle. I had no idea that other Levis were different.

    Regardless, the two tubes I ordered were posted a several days ago. Hopefully, they'll arrive soon.

  • My 3 piece Levitation spreader is all solid rods. I replaced the broken 2 piece ones years ago.

  • Into The Wind updated the original two-piece spreader on this kite with a three-piece one. The three sections are all tubes, but the centre one is plugged at the ends where they fit into the ferrules, which may give the impression that it's a solid rod. The spars are all fibreglass, but the Levitation Light has carbon framing - obviously for lightness.

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