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Camera testing

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Did some Kap on Long Beach Island NJ. Still playing with different settings of the Canon s100. Something I am recognizing with beach photos, the time of day in taking photos makes a huge difference. I was hoping to get photos similar to those on post cards, lol. But seriously I am learning that photography is an art and I am just a kite flyer taking photos. I am not sure how much I should expect from the s100, but the experiment continues. Oh by the way, I am just using the raw photos from the camera. Do most people on this forum do post processing or just use their raw photos? I have seen some really high quality KAP photos from people that have used the Canon s100, and I can't seem to get that quality, at least not yet on mine, hence the reason I ask about post processing.
Long Beach Island 2

Long Beach Island 3

Long Beach Island 1


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    They look pretty nice and sharp to me. Definitely better than I can get with my Powershot SD1400 IS (smaller sensor than your S100). Regarding RAW, the main purpose is if you want to do your own editing prior to conversion to JPEG. If you want to apply your own tone curves, color rendition, contrast, sharpening, etc., it's better to do that with a RAW image than a JPEG, because a JPEG has already had those things applied by the camera. You can also select your own compression level and fix exposure issues to some extent that way. If you're not going to do any of that stuff, you might as well let the camera process it for you (i.e., set the camera to save JPEGs).

    I'm a little confused, though, because your Flickr images are JPEGs, so obviously somewhere along the line the RAW-JPEG conversion was done. An unedited RAW image would look very bland and unappealing.

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    Hey montagdude,
    Thanks for chiming in. To clarify, what I meant when I said RAW is that I just uploaded the photos from the camera unto my laptop and then post them directly to Flickr. I did not edit it with photoshop or anything like that. Sometimes I might experiment with the clarity tool only in flickr, but to be honest I don't see a hugh or drastic improvement to the original photo. I forgot about the Raw option as a camera shooting setting, so I can understand the confusion. It just goes to show, I need to get better in the language of photography.
    Thanks for the insight on what Raw photos really are. I know I would not be shooting on that mode anytime soon as it seems like a lot of work will have to go into post processing which I don't have the knowledge off at this time. As I said, I am a kite flyer taking photographs and not a photographer flying a kite, lol.


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