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Outstanding Issues with the Migrated Forum

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Below I've listed the current issues I'm aware of with the migrated forum. Some I hope to fix! If you notice any others please post a note about them here.


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    1. The banner header and black menu ribbon expand to the full width of the window - they should be fixed in size as they were in the old forum. I think this is due to an error I made in adapting the keystone theme. I've spent a lot of time trying to fix this (3 or4 hours probably).
    2. I can't get the google programmable search engine (which was used in the old forum) to index the new forum
    3. In places the font size is too big or too small - I've fixed most of these I thnk.
    4. this is a feature not a bug, but the rich editor for new comments (which adds a line of buttons to let you alter the style, add links etc) does let you upload an image from your computer and insert it into the comment. Before you had to use html to link to an image on the web (e.g. on FLICKR). The 'feature' is that the images are uploaded onto the server. Currently there's plenty of room but I may have to switch this off at some point (the Berkeley forum didn't let you do this).
  • Great work Dave.
    On the subject of posting pictures from Flickr, maybe we suggest that they are limited to 800 or 1024px as the max on the longest edge?
    Do we have storage limitations to consider on the site?

  • Currently we are using around 350MB of disk space (of which around 100MB is trash) - we have an allowance of 100GB - so we are currently using around 0.3%. Plenty of spare capacity!

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    Great Work Dave!
    One thing to add to your check out list with the migration. In the past there was a link in the top banner to the "Old KAP site". Not certain of where this stands and if it is recoverable. Best I can remember....
    - Old KAP site covered post from date 1 to date 2 and was established during one of the previous server upgrades. I believe access was lost in one of the last server updates at Cal Berkley..... I believe Cris had an offline copy of this forum.
    - Current KAP discussion forum (this one that has been migrated by Dave, covers post from date 3 to current.
    I do not have the exact (or even estimated dates) for the d1, d2, d3 above.

    Unrelated to the KAP discussion forum but tied to the rich knowledge base of KAP are the Aerial Eye publications that covered some of the early days with film KAP know .... take 10 shots ..... and get the film developed and printed a week later.... amazing stuff is published there....I have digital copies that I obtained from Brooxes.....good stuff for reference and historical record. I believe all 18 issues are available for purchase on the KAPshop /


  • Jim - the 'Search Archive' button on the bar below the banner shows you the KAP Forum archive from 1997 up to 1999 (all 700+ pages!) as a searchable PDF. I'm currently trying to download the archive between 2000 and 2006 (from the internet wayback machine) so I can make that available too.

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    **Problem now fixed - there were some unclosed html comments - the pdf is now 12.5MB rather than 3.7MB **
    It's taken a fair bit of work (writing several java programs to download and preprocess over 5000 html files!), but I have now uploaded the second archive of posts between 2002 and 2006). You can see it here.
    I'll update the "search archive button on the forum page to let you get at it that way.

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    Good job Dave! It is lovely to have this old stream of comments available. I just spent a pleasant hour wandering down memory lane. Thank you.

  • Good work Dave. Thanks from all of us. It's good to know all the knowledge that this forum has is being saved.

    Fly High

  • I have now archived the 800+ comments between January 2000 and December 2001. You can access the three archives via the "Search KAP Archives" button on the menu bar.

  • I've added a document describing the work I've done migrating the KAP Forum to its new home.

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