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Welcome to the Migrated Forum

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As you can see most of the forum has been successfully migrated to its new home based on Vanilla 3 rather than the Vanilla 2 of the old forum. Please post here rather than in the old forum which Cris will lock up soon.

Almost everything looks pretty much the same and works as it did before with two remaining issues.

First your existing passwords will not work (Vanilla has changed the hashing/encrypting method) so if you want to sign in to the new system you will have to ask me for a new password - send your userid and desired password to I can then fix things so you can sign in again . The same applies if you weren't a member but now wish to join, send your desired userid and password and I'll fix things. Note that once you can log on you will be able to change your password.

Secondly the old forum let you search using google search which was much better than the built-in Vanilla search. I still haven't managed to add this feature but I hope to soon.


  • Thank you, Cris, Dave, and all the people who manage to work hard for the migration of this irreplaceable cradle of knowledge.

  • Thanks a lot, Cris and Dave and whatever other helper...
    SMAC from Italy

  • Looking good! Thanks to all who have a hand in this fine effort.

  • I have now made the KAP Discussion Page site on the Berkeley server read-only. It is time to shift site activity to Dave Mitchell's spiffy new server here.

  • Looks great! Thanks!

  • Thanks to Dave and to Cris, and all the others involved, the transition for me was easy. All the prompts for password change worked as specified. Looking forward to an active forum again.

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    I should point out that though things seem to be working and the site looks pretty much like the original, I am still tinkering with things - for example I'm trying to make the banner at the top behave like the old one when you resize the window - currently it's the full width of the window and doesn't resize properly. Anyway, such tinkering may occasionally lead to a "Something's Gone Wrong" message - such mishaps shouldn't last long - just refresh the page!
    PS I managed to screw things up several time in the last hour or so!

  • Thanks Admin for your work on this new version of the KAP forum. It does look very much like the old one but....I find the print a little thin and maybe a little small in my iPad mini. Any chance of increasing both please?
    Fly High

  • I'll take a look using my old 7" iPad and see what I can do.

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    The "Search .." button on the menu bar now takes you to a page that lets you view both the 1998-1999 archive and the 2002-2006 archive.

  • Sue - here are captures on my old iPad Mini 2 (7.9" screen) of the old (top) and new (bottom) forums. They seem pretty similar in readability. Can you upload a capture of the new forum on your iPad mini?
    Admin Dave

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