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Kites are tugging at my soul – survival guide for COVID-19 times!

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The tug of the line in your hands as the kite floats in the breezes above always lifts my soul.

Kite flying gives me a respite from these difficult pandemic COVID-19 times and brings a small sliver of hope and joy to all who see the kite flying high overhead.

We all have been touched in some ways by this virus, I am no different. Members of my immediate family living in Manhattan have been exposed and are recovering from the virus. Sadly, we have lost members of the extended family…

Events and gatherings around the world have been impacted, cancelled or postponed. Our own FAN0 / Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) gathering has also been cancelled (based on an e-mail I received from Wolfgang).

The losses of human lives and the sufferings of the citizens of this planet are real and we all are in a difficult time that will be remembered and spoken about for decades to come.

I am asking my fellow KAPers to think of creative ways that we can help raise the spirits of our fellow citizens in these difficult moments to spread some hope and joy in the skies (and screens) above.

A few ideas….please add your own…
- Just fly kites – whenever you can – I am very fortunate to be able to fly kites in my backyard several times a week. (with or without KAP)
- Share KAP photos on-line wherever you can (flickr, other)
- Share links of your (and others) photos to your friends (most are getting tired of old movies anyways).
- Participate in on-line discussions on the KAP forum (and others like flickr)

Given that FAN0 and other kite festivals have been canceled here in 2020 I am proposing the following ideas:
- Hold a World Wide KAP Week (WWKW) type event some time in June when hopefully many will be able to fly kites again.
- Hold an on-line video chat (Zoom or other) for a group of KAPers to gather in a virtual setting…

Keep Safe!
Keep close (but not too close)
Keep flying kites
Keep KAPing
Keep in touch.
Keep sharing your KAP shots (even old ones)
Keep hope for better times (and wind) ahead in the skies above.

Please add your thoughts (and photos).


Vizag India - Fishing Port


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    Like many KAPers, I find flying a kite very therapeutic. I'm fortunate to still have some launch sites near my home, so I can go immediately on a whim and a wind. I submit some shots to the local TV station and they air them (briefly) about once a month. I always fly by myself, but passersby often stop to see what the old guy is doing with a "kids toy".
  • Great shot Larry, Keep up the good work! Love the front range!... Sister lives in Boulder....

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    Events and gatherings around the world have been impacted, cancelled or postponed. Our own FAN0 / Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) gathering has also been cancelled (based on an e-mail I received from Wolfgang).
    To my knowledge and despite the fact we may have some doubts on the 2020 edition of the Fano Kite meeting and our KAPiFano, no position has been taken yet. We will have a definite answer by early may.

    The wwkw in june is a great idea if Fano is indeed cancelled (or not !)
  • Pierre,

    Glad to see that FAN0 / KAPiFano may still be a go. I most likely just read Wolfgang's email incorrectly.

    We can have a WWKW event as a backup if needed.

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    Actually Wind Watcher, we moved from the Denver area to central Oregon, where the Cascades are still to the west and the Ochocos to the north. These shots are taken off a TV screen, so color and resolution are changed.
  • Oregon! Great place to fly. Did some work in Bend, OR. Beautiful state. Enjoy.

  • Closed toilet, empty car park :)

  • Great advice Jim. I too am finding it very encouraging to get out and fly my kites in an open field during these difficult times. I'm sure that this feeling is passed on to others who happen to see our kites when we fly them as well.
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    Had a chance to get outside and fly in the beautiful spring weather this weekend. My wife and I were able to spend a few hours having lunch and flying a kite with our son who is a student and works part time as a health care provider. Wearing masks and being mindful of keeping an appropriate distance from each other was awkward at first but was worth the effort to connect in person for the first time in several weeks. I came to a realization that these practices aren't really a "new normal" but rather a "near-term normal" that we need to be vigilant in doing to protect each other until the virus is better understood and effective treatments / vaccines are available. Spending time together watching the kite dance in the wind and knowing that this season will eventually pass was encouraging and made me appreciate the things that we so easily take for granted. -- Fly Safe :)

    Near-Term Normal
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    We've been very lucky, living as we do high up, overlooking the Cheshire Plain. Being allowed to walk, exercise and fly my kite when conditions permit, in the fields around the cottage has been nothing short of luxury! Lambing has just finished with us as its mainly an outdoor event in these parts. Stay safe everyone.
    A 360 image taken at the end of April.
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