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Dynamic Spreaders available for purchase

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I've recently gotten back to flying my kites and am looking forward to re-introducing myself to some long-neglected kite projects. As a result, I've built a batch of Dynamic Spreaders and presently have 8 available for purchase.

The Dynamic Spreader (DS) is a delta kite spreader spar that adjusts its length based on wind speed and is used to increase the kite's upper wind range. It has primarily been used by myself and other Kite Aerial Photographers on the Levitation 9ft delta kite to increase a KAP session upper wind range from ~20MPH to 30MPH+. It can also be used on a variety of other delta kites having wing spans between 6 feet and 9 feet (i.e. kites with 36-48 inch spreader spars).

Here are a couple links for more information on the DS:

Discussion Link:

Flickr Set:

I'm providing them for $60 each (plus postage). Please contact me by email ( or by sending me a message on this discussion forum.



  • Best deal going!

    I always fly my Levi deltas with the Dynamic Spreaders (DS)!

    Sign me up for 3 DS!

  • Mike, I just sent you a message hoping that shipping to Tahiti is possible !
  • Mike,
    it is a very good oportunity for every one.

  • Thank you Mike .
    I am interested but with Corona virus, we are every body on stand by !
    We have to wait and to wish an eradication of this desease .
  • Hi aerophoto, As is the case with most of us, I am staying at home to help keep from getting or spreading the virus. I do have parts and postage supplies here at home to build a few additional DS spars, so I should be able to support build and shipment on my end without having to go out in public. I hope you and all around you stay safe and healthy through this.
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