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Been a while...getting back into it and hoping to fix a problem...

Hey guys, it's been a while since I have been on here, but my health has been bad, and I have had some time away from everything!

I am now much improved and wanting to get back into it...I have unpacked my pauls fishing Nighthawk kite, only to find that I have misplaced the spreader.

I wonder if anyone has the dimensions for the dowel spreader, and if I could have them, so that I can make one for my KAP trip tomorrow?

Thanks in advance!

I will post up photos if I have a successful session!

Cheers! Tim


  • Hi Tim,
    Glad you are doing better. And ready to kap again
    spreader on my antic kiwi is 84 cm and diameter is very close to 10 mm
  • Hi Tim,
    Glad things are looking better.

    You could also contact Paul's, they are very helpful. They can confirm Michel's dimension. They
    will also tell you that the spreader should be Tawa, an indigenous species down there. As I recall
    mine, unused, as are the spares, appear to be fairly dense softwood.

    I think I read somewhere that the choice of spreader material, and it's presumed breaking point, is
    related not just to flying, but also breaking to allow retrieval of the kite, should it take a swim.
    Some kites do " swim " pretty well under water. Trouble is, they usually swim away !

    Good luck. If you e-mail them, you'll likely hear back from his wife.


  • Hey guys - thanks very much for your replies - I will have a measure up with the dimensions given, and probably email Pauls to. I have found a piece of carbon from an old box kite that is slightly to long, so that will probably be what I will use for the spreader - but the wood breaking and allowing for collapse in the water for retrieval makes sense!
  • Sorry for not responding sooner (admin Cris has just done the necessary to allow me back in!) but my suggestion is just to cut a piece of carbon to size. That's what I did years ago when my wooden spars got damp and ultimately failed.
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