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Thank you Cris for letting me join, and hi everyone. I'm a sometime lurker and very novice KAPer. Apologies to any other KAP Kev's by the way. My handle is not too original.

Still so much to learn and I will (do) have plenty questions :)

This is my first KAP pic, made with a KAP Foil 1.6, an S-Biner, a couple of reusable cable ties and my phone. Not 100%, but I did almost get the 'topographic' look. I wanted. Baltic coastline in Denmark with some seaweed/mussel fields just visible. Rig and technique need some work, looking forward to a shared journey:



  • Welcome. Interesting textures in this shot. There's been a dearth of posts here of late, so feel free to ask questions.
  • Thank you for the kind welcome :)

    Still at the elementary stage of flying let alone KAP. The KAP Foil is easy to fly and very forgiving. I'm looking forward to getting confident enough to get my Canon S90 into the air, and combining KAP with hiking, running and camping.
  • We all started small, Kev! Slow and easy is the way to go!
  • Kap Kev, these first images were made in Denmark, were you just visiting ? as you may know there will be in Denmark June 13-20 a KAPiFano, which is is a Kite Aerial Photographer meeting within the Fano Kite Meeting... a great way for you to meet quite a few members of this forum.
  • HI KAP Kev,

    a warm welcome,

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    Pierre: This spot is fairly local to me, Fanø (although I've never visited) is only a couple of hours' drive away. So maybe I can make it for a day or two. Let's hope so :)

    Has anyone used the campsite there?
  • Every year Wolfgang Bieck, a well known KAPer from Germany, uses this one :
  • Woohoo, another KAPer from the baltic sea area! Welcome!
  • Not really been such great kite weather here the last few weeks :( - will try to get over to Fanø if schedule permits
  • Hi KapKev! Welcome to the party! :-)
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