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Made a KAP sighting in the media -- note it here

Aerial Photography: The View from Above - Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2020

The Wall Street Journal news paper featured an article by Richard Woodward on aerial photography in the 28 Jan 2020 issue.

The article provides a preview of the Forest Lawn Museum display in Glendale, California.


A quote from the article intro includes:

“The Elevated Eye: Aerial Photography Past and Present” is a patchy history of the various means—balloons, kites, pigeons, airplanes, rockets, drones—by which cameras have been borne aloft. The roughly 150 prints and 14 minutes of video, arranged in two of the museum’s three galleries, chronicle some of the unique perspectives on Earth and space afforded by aerial photography."

All sources of photos taken from the air were included:
- Balloons
- Kites
- Birds
- Airplanes
- Drones
- Rockets
_ Spaceships

The article and museum features George R. Lawrence's kite aerial photographs of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.




  • I'm amazed that there was a camera small enough for a pigeon to fly with in 1908. I used to live in Conifer, CO near the ranch of astronaut Bruce McCandless II, seen in the earth orbit shot. He flew a NASA flag when Armstrong died.
  • Nice illustrated article on Julius Neubronner and his pigeons in the New Yorker ( with images I did never see before) here
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