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Kites above (and under) the Adriatic sea

What a fantastic experience!

We were invited to be a part of 7. Kreativni dani Fausta Vrančića - a 3 day creative happening on the island of Prvić, Croatia. We had a presentation of kite aerial photography, we helped a Croatian kite club organize a kite workshop, we did some KAP, we crashed some kites into the sea, we met some amazing people ... it was simply unforgettable.

Click here and read all about it - the kite aerial photos of this beautiful island are really amazing!





  • Your work is always great, and this session gave some brilliant results. Sorry to see that you had a disaster with your new New Zealand-designed kite, but the trusty flowform certainly gave you the goods. Well done!
  • Thanks! :-)

    the disaster of course had nothing to do with New Zealand ... just lack of skill and terribly turbulent wind ...
  • beautiful pics !

    if maybe next spring you want to cross the Adriatic and maybe with the speed achieved arrive to the sea of Liguria... next Festival del Vento Spotorno... march 2020

    I offer an original New Zealand kite PFK new - original package

    wish you all the best possible

    SMAC from Italy
  • Thank you! We'll surely do our best to come ... :-)

    And the Nighthawk is getting repaired as we speak - with an appliqué of its nemesis, the sea urchin! :-D

  • Good, very good

    my proposal is serious, not a joke

    SMAC from Italy
  • Of course - we are looking forward to this!
  • @KAP_Jasa >>> Great pics!
  • You mentioned some kites landed in the sea. I have been flying for 10 years, but when working from small flying areas or boats, I have been in trouble. I find that deltas and co-nynes slowly sink and turn up-side down, so that they want to fly to the bottom when I pull on the string. Now, I tie an empty water bottle on my kite in an out of the way place, that's enough to keep it on the surface. A bottle is a very light kite flotation device.
  • @CGKiteman - thanks.

    @Sky Hi Point - That's a great solution! :-)
  • Great photos of an amazing location. Did you use a polarising filter for these?

  • Thanks!

    No filter - just an old Canon PowerShot A801 :-)

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