Information regarding the gathering of KAPpers including the upcoming KAPiCA '06

KAPiFANØ 2020 IS CXX and postponed to June 13-20, 2021



  • Dates of the kite meeting are 18-21 June, most kite flyers spend 7 to 10 days and will therefore arrive on the 13th to leave to following week end. We are working with Wolfgang on the program and content which should be available shortly
  • I arrive on Fano with Pierre on Saturday June 13th and my flight back leaves at 11:15 on the morning of Saturday June 20th. My travel was constrained by fitting in the Pierre as well as family commitments here in the UK. Obviously I'll try to attend any meetings that are organised while I'm there, but won't be able to attend any after Friday 19th June.
  • Same for me Dave.

  • Flights booked, Yvon & I arriving Friday.
  • Carl, are you landing in Billund ?
  • Yes, scheduled arrival for 10:30am.
    We'll most likely visit the Lego museum.
  • Hello, if you are planning to attend KAPiFanø/20 would you mind completing this survey ?
  • Not sure where the KAPi bowl or quainch is now, Brooks, do you still have it from KAPiCA /16? it would be great to continue the tradition initiated by Simon and to have this bowl engraved with “KAPiFano/20” and shipped to a participant coming to Fano.
  • Pierre - I'm pretty sure it never got to Brooks (we used a small quaitch of his at his house in 2016). Last I heard it was still with one of the French team (Emmanuel) who had problems getting it engraved and shipped for KAPiCa 2016.
  • I found this 2014 post on kite flying altitude limits.

    Just wondering if the max hight still stand at 100m for Denmark?
  • Probably in Denmark with a huge tolerance in Fano during the kite meeting.....
  • Last year during the kite festival, i.e. for 2 weeks, the altitude limit was 250 m between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. I think it will be the same in 2020
  • Hy all, happy new year 2.0 2.0
    The quaitch had been put in the sure hands of Peter of Kapshop during one of the lasts Berck festival.
  • Does someone can accept my request to join the FB KapiFano page, please ?
  • Emmanuel, you need first to be on FB and then you can join the group.

  • Hy all,
    I would like to join to kapifanø page but there is no answer. Can you help me?
  • Riccardeo, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I did not receive arequest. Can you please message me or email me your Facebook ID and I will send you an invitation
  • Thank you Pierre for accept me in the FB group.
  • Pierre, maybe you could update the discussion title to reflect that KAPi Fanø is postponed until 2021.

    For those who were not planning to attend but are curious as to this note, we have been informed via the Facebook group that the Danish PM has large gatherings are banned until August.

    Maybe this gives KAPers extra time to consider joining in next year?!
  • Kevin, done ! See you in 2021 or before if attending Dieppe, Cervia or RICV 2021.
  • BA has just cancelled my flights. They say I can get a voucher but it must be used within 12 months of the date of my flight to Billund (ie before 12th June 2021). Does anyone know when Fano might be held next year and if so could a KAPiFanø be held in the first 12 days of June 2021?
  • I believe Wolfgang proposed that the meeting is held same time next year, so I'd say your voucher would be good to use. If it were to be shifted back a week then I'd say an email to BA customer services explaining the purpose of the trip would get you any extra time needed beyond 12 months.
  • Dave, most airlines have been trying the same trick, including Air New Zealand, who have now been told they have to refund the fares if they can't provide the service that was paid for. I'd suggest trying to get your money back and then you won't lose out whatever happens. It seems immoral that a company can take your money, refuse (or be unable) to provide what you paid for, and then offer a "voucher" which may prove worthless.
  • Hello Everyone.
    Just though I'd bump this thread given that we are little over 3 months away from the event.
    From my side, my participation is looking doubtful even if the festival goes ahead this year. Travel and quarantine restrictions seem to be set to stay for the foreseeable future.
    How are other potential attendees seeing the situation?
    Hope everyone is well. Cheers, Kev.

  • I have not booked my Air BnB yet nor my plane to Europe as the next 3 months are very uncertain, I will wait untill early May and will then decide if it's a go or not. German kite flyers are quite close to Fano and last year Wolfgang Bieck decided to go to Fano as soon as the Danish gouverment opened the borders. I will also try to join Dieppe and Cervia in September.

  • I'm hoping there will be a Europe/UK vaccine passport scheme in place by June (I'll have had both jabs by April) which would let me go.

  • Hello again!
    I was just trying to get a grip of the current situation in respect of travel in mainland Europe and came across this website.
    As you'd expect, the picture is still very bleak. It's basically essential travel only. My port of entry is France via Saint Malo and the French restrictions appear to be severe right now.
    I'll be checking back here as we get closer to June and will be hoping that the vaccination program continues to have a positive effect globally. I had my first dose yesterday B) .

  • Kevin - just to cheer you up (slightly) - my sister (who has dual nationality and has lived in Paris since the 60's) and her French husband have both had their Pfizer jabs. She says her daughter (who's 49) should be able to get her jab when she turns 50 in April.

  • Here is the latest update on the regulation to enter Denmark. ... 3 covid tests, a worthy purpose and a 10 days self isolation upon arrival, I bet there will not be many kites in the air on the beach... Things may change but the meeting is in 6 weeks and I have doubts we can maintain our KAPiFANO. Let's double check mi may.

  • The 'worthy purpose' rules are quite specific - visiting or caring or sick relatives for example - not attending kite festivals or meeting up with friends!

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