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KAP Alert Puerto Rico - Old San Juan

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Planning to KAP near Park Muelle 8, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico on Thursday (March 13, 2014) near 11 AM prior to catching a flight out (weather and wind permitting). Any KAPers in the area are welcome to join. Just show up and look for the guy with the kite in the air ;-)

Completed 4 KAP sessions earlier in the week with good results. Looking forward to session # 5 on Thursday.



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    No KAPers but a fair number of kite flyers stopped by to help fly my delta kite on a wonderful day in the port of San Juan Puerto Rico.

    A fun session indeed with over 1400 photos scrapped from the sky above. I tried a different configuration with the kite up high, the BBKK auto KAP rig with the Sony NEX-5t close the the kite and a GoPro Hero3 hanging free on a string from a single attachment point lower on the kite line. Nice mix of wide angle and closer ~50mm (Sony NEX-5t with the Sigma 30mm lens).

    Came across the large cruise ship Carnival Glory and the super yacht Attessa IV along the way.

    A fun afternoon!

    This was my 5th KAP session in the skies above Old San Juan Puerto Rico during this brief 3 day work trip.....hope to post a few more shots from the earlier KAP sessions in the days ahead.

    See a few shots below and a bunch more in this flickr set.



    Kite Above the Port of San Juan Puerto Rico
    Kite Above the Port of San Juan Puerto Rico
    Kite Above the Port of San Juan Puerto Rico
    Kite Above the Port of San Juan Puerto Rico
  • Sometimes I forget that it's warm in other parts of the world... still enduring negative temperatures way up here in Michigan, greenery looks wonderful! :D

  • Your pictures never fail to inspire me. Gorgeous as always!

    I happened to be in San Juan less than two weeks earlier and wish I had been able to fly with you.

    Have Fun,
  • I am going to be working in Puerto Rico for the next 10 days or so.

    Hope to do some KAP on Tuesday (late PM) July 30 and on Sat -Sun August 3-4, 2019.

    Expect most sessions to be in or around Old San Juan.

    All are welcome to join in the fun.

  • Hi Jim.
    I've just come across this page of your time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    Ken & I were there in December 2019. We were on a cruise on Carnival Breeze, a sister ship to the one in your photos. We were driven past the posh area in your photos on the way to and from the ship and the courier said the appartments were VERY expensive. Other part of the island were very poor. We went into the lower tropical rain forest... and it rained on us.

    Thanks for a reminder of an interesting holiday in the Eastern Carribean.

    Fly High

  • Thanks for the reminder Sue.

    Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to visit and fly kites. Great trade winds! (As Christopher Columbus discovered!).

    Be safe.

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