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My KAP project to Australia

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I have been so busy this summer and haven't posted much, although I've kept up reading posts every few weeks. I wanted to let everyone know what I'm up to...

I am doing a Kickstarter project for my next KAPventure (KAP + adventure, clever I know...). This time I am going to Australia, a place I have wanted to go since I was very young.

If you aren't familiar with it, Kickstarter is a website that helps raise funds for creative projects through "crowd funding" NOT "donations." People who pledge money to a project must receive something tangible in return. For my project, my backers will receive a photograph I take on the trip, or a photograph from my existing work.

It is entirely up to me to promote my project and make people aware of it. Of course I figured I would let all my KAP colleagues know about it, since you all will probably be the only people that I don't have to explain the technique

If you enjoy my work and choose to back the project thats amazing!!! You can also help out by sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and with people who you think may find it interesting. Here is the direct link:

Please help me spread the word, thank you in advance!

ALSO...A local news crew also followed me on a shoot on Long Island, NY recently. If you are on Long Island, the story is running on Cablevision channel 118 on a show called "Neighborhood Journal" the show airs about 10 times a day now until Oct. 12. They are sending me a DVD which I will upload to my facebook and Youtube so everyone else can see it too!


  • Hi @Evan !

    Can you share your experience with this crowd funding method? I saw you gathered your goal, and I guess made the trip? :) Any practical advices if someone should do this kind of project?

    I just stumbled on a local crowd funding project, which seeks patrons for art. There were lots of photographers applying funding for projects, and I thought it might be worth trying...
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    Sorry for digging up an extremely old post but I find this particular Kickstarter project really interesting. And I'm very curious about one particular aspect of it which could be beneficial to others who might be planning to do similar kinds of projects in the future involving photography and art in general.

    Evan, I note that you have included the printing costs as part of the funding target which would pay for the photographic prints that you would be sending to individual backers. Though how would you go about coming up with an estimate for the number of backers (who would be receiving the prints)? Obviously, when you start a Kickstarter project, there is no way of knowing how many backers there will eventually be. There may be as many as 50 or perhaps 200 backers. And estimating the potential postage costs for the prints in advance could also be really tricky. For example, I bet the postage rates would vary enormously as it's likely that backers would be in different locations all over the world.

    And by the way, I have watched your KAP videos on youtube that were shot in Australia, as well as elsewhere. Really great stuff! I'm glad that your KAP adventure in Australia was a big success.

  • Printing cost is pretty easy to figure out. Each print costs about the same regardless of how many you produce. Domestic USA shipping is pretty easy as well. For example a print may cost $2 to produce and $5 to ship, charging $50 gives a profit of $43 (not actual #s).

    I did have quite a few international backers on this project and that became a challenge. In the project, I noted that only domestic USA shipping was included and international shipping would be invoiced at the time I sent out the prints. Some (not all) international backers were unable/unwilling (understandably) to pay for international shipping because it did become expensive. I felt it would be wrong to not send the prints to international backers who could not afford the shipping charges, so I decided that I would just eat the cost of shipping to those backers and pay for international shipping out of my own pocket.

    Thanks for watching! The Australia project and travels are some of my favorite memories. I wish I was better at documenting/filming back then. We filmed a ton of footage there but a lot of it ended up being kinda junky.

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