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Repurposing old broken drone for KAP???

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Hi all,
I am not a very technical person to understand details to electronics and hence have a stupid question.
Previously, when using RC radios for a plane, for the throttle, with the same PWM signal, we use a Motor with ESC.
So, in case of a broken Drone, is it possible to remove the Brushless Motors and ESC, and replace them with SERVOS ??
Just a thought, since one of my friends gave me a broken DJI Mini 3 drone (broken front arms - probably could be repaired). Wanted to see if it can be repurposed for KAP with replacement of motors and ESC with SERVOS???


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    Ganesh, I do not know if swapping out motors for servos will work .... I suspect not.
    I did do a few simple tests of strapping done to my auto KAP rig (i.e., just using the drone as a camera and keeping the props folded...) with mixed results. My testing revealed that both the props and the gimbal are needed to get steady video.


  • Thanks for the comment. I had somewhat similar idea.
    I am not so much interested in getting a "steady video", but more interested in getting good STILL images which I can compose. Over the years, I always wanted a source of video feed from the KAP to "Compose" a good still image. But any type of video feed is not very cheap, even a simple analog Tx and Rx with a monitor will cost more than 100$. At the same time, now a days, a digital HD video feed back (OcuSyn) from a used or broken DJI mini 3 will cost 200$ with a range of many miles. I initially thought of replacing the broken motor with pulley and make it into a picavet suspension, but realized that it will not have rotation. Hence, was trying to find if motor connections can used for servos.
    Thanks for the reply.
    May be, just as you said, I will strap the a DJI mini without the motors, just for Video feed back and see how it works.


  • I like your approach for using drone embedded tech into classical kap ;-) I have the same idea of replacing the propellers with picavet line/pulleys....and came to the same conclusion that pan would then be the issue. maybe more with keeping the head horizontal....unfortunately I can't help due to poor knowledge, but would be interested to moce a step forward !

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