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Sipar: an island of history

We've had one of the best KAP sessions ever (even though it started with a kite in the sea) - flying over the fascinating and enigmatic archaeological site of Sipar, Croatia.
The full story is on our website: - and a couple of kite aerial shots are below. Enjoy! :wink:




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    Superb images, great colors.... (looks like home!)
    Funny, the beach across the ruins is called Polynesia beach !

    on your first photo, is the blue Rokkaku also Kaping the ruins ?

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    Thanks, Pierre!

    The beach is actually called Policeman's beach ;-)

    And yes, it's the blue rok, fresh from its unfortunate dive into the Adriatic :-) ... there are more photos of it in the article ....

  • Wonderful story!

    Love the high shots and the extended history lesson!

    The blue rokkaku kite looks identical to my BKT rokkaku kite.

    Keep the KAP shots and stories coming!


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