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Use this category to describe KAPping accoutrement extant and desired. Share with us the little bits that make KAPing life easier.

Small ( Free ) Rechargable Lithium Cells for KAP ( or other ... ) use.

Lithium as a raw material is a rare earth raw material. Lithium Cells on the other hand can easily be found lying on the ground. Lithium cells are used in many products (Laptops, Cell Phones, Ear Bud Chargers, Vacuum Cleaners, E-Bikes). But also in a product that is not immediately obvious, such as a disposable E-Cigarette or Vape. Unfortunately for the Environment, the Vapers simply throw them away on the street. But the Rechargeable LiPo Cell inside has only been used once, so it is as good as new. The Vape can be opened with a few simple steps and you can remove the LiPo Cell.

The capacity of these cells varies per Vape between 350mAh and 1800mAh. These cells are extremely suitable for a lightweight Auto KAP Rig. But also for other applications, such as replacing Alkaline Cells.
A LiPo Cell (4.2V) replaces 3 Alkaline Cells (4.5) or two LiPos in Series (8.4V) replace a 9V Alkaline Block Battery.
Last year I collected dozens of Vapes, and took the LiPo's out.

I used them in KAP Rigs, Altimeters, Flashlights, Radios and all our devices that use a 9 V block battery.


  • How to charge those small LiPo Cells ???
    On AliExpress, but also other Local Sources, you can buy a simple Charger.

    This Charger can be Powered with a iPhone or other Phone Charger.

    By default these Chargers are set to a 1A Charging Current. This is no real problem, but I prefer to charge with a lower Current.
    So I replaced a small resistor on those boards to reduce the Charge Current to 200mA or 500mA.

  • Clever Peter !

  • 35 mm x dia 10 mm , 8.6 grams
    thanks for the suggestion that will soon fly...

    SMAC from Italy

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