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Sue's video

Hi Sue - Great to see you at the meeting. Wish I were able to sort out my A/V
Can you please tell again about the neat video link you showed. Looks simple, unlike others
I've attempted.
Glad to see you flying stunt/ballet kites. I started with 2 liners, 33 yers ago. Peaceful and
beautiful. Most of the time !
Be well, and thanks,


  • Hi Paul
    I can't remember what the video link was or what it was about 😟 However, Jim will be posting the whole KAPIZOOM here soon so we can both be reminded what it was !!!
    Fly High

  • It was a little camera you had mounted on the tilt frame of your rig, which sent video down to a neat little
    square screen, about 3 x 3 , which showed I guess basically what your KAP camera " saw ". I was wondering the brand name etc of the set-up. I didn't phrase my initial question real well.
    Thanks !

  • SueSue
    edited February 7

    Ahh! Now I know.

    There are instructions on the Web somewhere.
    The picture from the little camera is a lot larger than a normal camera. My idea and hope is that when the subject is in the centre of the screen, it will be in the centre of the real camera.
    The receiver is a Boscam "watch" type. I took it off the bracelet and put tough velcro on the back to stick it to the controller of the radio control for a different rig.
    It has an auto search if you hold down the button for a few seconds then release it.
    You can get them with an SD card slot but they are fatter and I don't know how you would use it.
    Fly High

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    Thank you Sue !

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