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KAPiZoom 2024 - Saturday February 3, 2024 - Join the Fun!

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Based on positive feedback received I have initiated the KAPiZoom 2024 meeting.

Time...Covid...Wars...continue to move through us humans.... thankfully the wind still blows....and the electrons (internet) still flow permitting us to gather virtually via Zoom and talk about Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)!

The date is set of Saturday 3 February 2024 from 2- 3:30 PM US EST (New York), 7pm UTC (=GMT).
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 865 9248 3744
Passcode: 292552

Please post your best KAP shots from 2023-4 that you are willing to share in this flickr group:

Preliminary Agenda:
Share your KAP story or projects you are working on!
Share ideas for how to introduce people to KAP!
We will be sharing screens, photos and video
Share KAPiZoom 2024 flickr gallery (your KAP shots):
KAP Ideas and meet ups for 2024-2025
Go Fly Kites!
Please share your agenda ideas (the above agenda is just a draft).

Please share this link to other KAPer communities.




  • Thanks Jim, Great initiative that I will share on the French forum as well as on my call tomorrow with my fellow from the KAP Academy ( this is new… more to come !)

  • Thanks Jim for this call. I'm happy to join. I shall prepare short presentations. currently in mind: flying light, and kaping with a phone.
    I 'll confirm content in coming days.

  • Hi Jim. I
    Thanks for arranging another KAPIZOOM. I'll be joining in again.
    It's good to catch up with other KAPers.
    I'll post this post onto the Facebook KAP page and let Laurence Ott (LoKAP) know too.
    Fly High

  • I’d love to join but I’ll be exhibiting my KAP at Art Fest Ft. Myers. I’ve never managed to make it to an official KAP community event. If I can, I’ll see if I can get a few mins to pop in.

    Will this be recorded and available somewhere?

  • Yes these Kapizoom are recorded and available on Jim's you Tube channel

  • Thanks, Pierre!

  • YES, thanks, I will join the KAPiZoom

    SMAC from Italy

  • All,
    Looking forward to catching up with my friends in the KAP world this Saturday, February 3, 2024 starting at 2 PM US EST for the KAPiZoom 2024 event.

    To help me out, please think of a KAP subject (any) that you would like to share (screen/content), and shoot me a note so I can build a rough agenda to guide us through the event. See preliminary agenda below.

    Preliminary Agenda:
    Share your KAP story or projects you are working on!
    Share ideas for how to introduce people to KAP!
    We will be sharing screens, photos and video
    Share KAPiZoom 2024 flickr gallery (your KAP shots):
    KAP Ideas and meet ups for 2024-2025
    Go Fly Kites!
    Please share your agenda ideas (the above agenda is just a draft).


  • Hi Jim, I have put my KAP projects of last year in a .jpg on to the Flickr Pool, so those interested can already look at it, and think about it.
    That way you do not have to share your screen.
    Regarding "meet ups for 2024" hope to see manny of you on Fano !!!

  • You can review past KAPiZoom events here on YouTube:

  • Hi Jim,
    prepared some input here
    I hope the links are OK.

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    Hello Jim, and my other KAP friends !
    I look forward to today's meeting - will be good to see all who can make it.
    I apologize for not bringing much to the table, other than great appreciation for Jim's
    efforts, as always.
    Several wrist surgeries in the last few years have pretty much put the drone ahead of the kites
    for the few shoots I've done.
    This new energy I see on our forum has inspired me to get some sails up in the air in 2024.
    There are plans for a "Sky Reel for Tired Wrists " .
    Thank you all for your collective energy and good company.
    Hope to see you later.
    All the best from Western Massachusetts.


  • I will try to connect maybe for a limited time. I've been really busy lately.
    Thanks for organizing this.

  • I had to load Rosetta on to my Mac Book Pro to download Zoom.
    When I use Jim's link- I get to a Zoom page that wants me to start a meeting.
    Any suggestions how to join in most welcome.

  • KAPiZoom meeting will start in about 45 minutes. 2 PM US EST.
    See YouTube link below for more information.
    James Powers is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: KAPiZoom 2024 - Gathering of Kite Aerial Photographers (KAPers) from around the world
    Time: Feb 3, 2024 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 865 9248 3744
    Passcode: 292552

  • Hi again KAPiZOOMers
    This is the link to the artical I wrote about the Flexifoil Camera Kite kit I was awarded
    It was good to see you all.
    Hope to see some of you live this year (2024)
    Fly High

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    Thanks Jim and everyone else who participated.
    I was able to see and hear most of the event, but for some reason could neither " Unmute " or " Start Video ",
    despite taking several tries at getting unmute and start video icons to react.
    I just now responded to a notice to update Zoom. Which I did. Who knows if it will help.
    Any suggestions ?

  • Thanks for all the KAPers who joined the KAPiZoom 2024!
    The session was recorded and will be posted to YouTube in the coming days.
    A more detailed write up will also be posted in a few days.
    My fellow KAPers are welcome to add their comments!
    Below is a photo of the participants (Dave Mitchel also was present but had to leave early).

  • To Paul Costello....were you able to see the KAPiZOOM?
    Fly High

  • Yes, Sue, I was able to.
    See next post - I have a question for you ...
    It was great to see you and the other Kapers. I look forward to us growing in number.
    And to figuring out the video before our next meeting.
    Fly high !

  • Sorry I missed the meeting.

  • Hello,
    sorry , it was a pity not to be with you but I was not well ... a health disease
    happy to see my friend Michel Dehaye and other well known people
    SMAC from Italy

  • Hi all,
    I'm sorry I could not participate. I had too much stuff on my plate, including taking care of our 3 years old grand daughter. :-) Thanks for organizing this. I will watch the recording when available.

  • All, the recording of the KAPiZoom 2024 had been uploaded to YouTube. The video should be available for viewing early on February 6th after the YouTube processing is completed.

    I will post a link to the video when it becomes available.


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    The YouTube video of the KAPiZoom 2024 meeting is now up! Click on the image below to see the 4K video.



  • Thanks Jim

  • Thank you WW for this Kapizoom. I would have liked to participate with my french friends but my english is too bad to follow you in live. I will take the time to watch this video and appreciate it.

  • I've just caught up on the Zoom meeting and it was great to see the enthusiasm that people still have for KAP.

    Jim, towards the end of the meeting you asked for attendees to complete a poll of sorts including thoughts on a future KAPi location. I didn't see results or hear any talk of it afterwards - did I miss the feedback?

    Michel and Pierre, as I've just posted on the PhotoCV forum, I'm happy to be involved in your KAPiDocs project if I can be of use to you. I would be happy to see how far you have progressed. Google Translate is my friend so working with your native language is not a problem!!

  • Kevin, Thanks for supporting the KapiDocs... Still in initialization phase. Any ideas or subjects you would like to see/share there ?

  • All,

    Below are the poll questions and results captured during the KAPiZoom 2024 event. This is just a short dump for all to see.

    The poll questions focused on how much interest there is in a Face to Face (F2F) KAPi meeting either in 2024 or 2025. See questions and response below.

    I would encourage all KAPers (even if you did not attend the KAPiZoom 2024 event) to respond to the 5 questions you see below simply by replying on this thread.


    KAPi 2024 F2F Event **
    **# User Name Are you interested in participating in a F2F KAPi event in 2024/2025?

    1 paulcostelloe Yes
    2 Hamish Fenton Undecided
    3 Pierre Lesage Yes
    4 michel Yes
    5 Sue & Ken Yes
    6 William iPhone Yes
    7 Laurence Undecided
    8 Peter van Erkel Yes
    9 Shaman SuSu Yes
    10 Jim Powers (WW) Yes

    If Yes for joining a F2F KAPi event in 2024/2025, Where would be your geographic area of interest?
    1 paulcostelloe North America
    2 Hamish Fenton TBD
    3 Pierre Lesage "Northern Europe (Norway/Scotland/Denmark);
    Southern Europe;
    North America;
    Sothern Hemisphere ;
    4 Michel Southern Europe
    5 Sue & Ken Southern Europe
    6 William iphone (9) TBD
    7 Laurence Northern Europe (Norway/Scotland/Denmark);
    Southern Europe"
    8 Peter van Erkel Northern Europe (Norway/Scotland/Denmark)
    9 Shaman SuSu Asia
    10 Jim Powers (WW) Northern Europe (Norway/Scotland/Denmark)

    Timing for a F2F KAPi Event (2024 or 2025)
    1 paulcostelloe Summer 2025
    2 Hamish Fenton TBD
    3 Pierre Lesage Summer 2025
    4 michel Summer 2024
    Summer 2025
    5 Sue & Ken Summer 2025
    6 William iPhone TBD
    7 Laurence Summer 2025
    8 Peter van Erkel Summer 2024
    Summer 2025
    9 Shaman SuSu Summer 2024
    Summer 2025
    10 Jim Powers (WW) Summer 2025

    Propose a KAPi 2024 Event (brief text response, location (single site or multi stop road trip, duration, other details)).
    1 paulcostelloe None come to mind
    4 michel +1 with Pierre & M Trouillet
    8 Peter van Erkel Meeting, talking, flying, taking KAP and enjoy.
    9 Shaman SuSu Kerala, India
    10 Jim Powers (WW) Mix of flying, KAPing and meeting with a mix of locations (mini road trip)k

    Would you be willing to take the lead to get the KAPi event organized?
    1 paulcostelloe No
    2 Hamish Fenton TBD
    3 Pierre Lesage No
    4 michel No
    5 Sue & Ken No
    6 iPhone (9) TBD
    7 Laurence No
    8 Peter van Erkel Yes
    9 Shaman SuSu Yes
    10 Jim Powers (WW) Yes

    I encourage all KAPers to add your responses to these 5 questions in this thread.


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