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The 2024 Photo Thread

Hello Everyone.

Pierre's recent question about KAP activity (or the apparent lack of) gathered a healthy response. So let's try to keep this momentum going with a dedicated thread to photos taken during 2024.

I'll start. The winter weather was kind today and I flew my PFK Super Delta twice on the same headland, once with a Sony A5000 on autoKAP and then with an Insta360 X3. Here are a couple of pictures from the Sony:



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    Wow, some awesome results. Very impressive coastal scenery there.

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    Early January I was invited by Gujarat province at the International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, India. An opportunity to try some new and different KAP in the white desert on the Indo Pakistan border !

  • great shots!
    Kevin, would you share a full pic of 360 X3 ? I'm interested in discovering deliveries of this camera

  • Michel, you should receive an email invite to a shared Dropbox folder. I have uploaded 3 DNG files.

  • Great stuff Pierre! Love the desert shots!

    Building on the "white" theme.... a few winter time shots from above the Wind Watcher proving grounds are posted below. (a mix of KAP and drone aerial shots).

    Chester Springs Snow from Above
    Chester Springs Snow from Above
    Chester Springs Snow from Above
    Chester Springs Snow from Above
    Chester Springs Snow from Above
    Chester Springs Snow from Above
    Chester Springs Snow from Above

  • Well done, you keep on your good 2024 resolutions ! the house close to the parking place is inviting !

  • I'm enjoying re-visting places at home. Today, I stopped by some fisherman moorings.

  • Our first KAP in 2024 was in India - this is the great white expanse of Rann of Kutch near Dhordo village, Gujarat, shot during the IKF Gujarat 2024, from basically the same spot as Pierre's photos above were taken.

  • In my 37th year of KAP and still find it thrilling and fulfilling. Sure, drones might be easier and some might even say they are better for capturing aerial images. But there is something about the process of KAP that keeps me coming back for more. The motivation for gathering the gear and heading out isn't as strong as it once was. Paying customers are now rare and the world is flooded with images and KAP images are somewhat lost in the sea of scrolling pictures that fill people's screen time. But the draw of the stunning results that KAP can provide is strong. So the one question that addresses the future of KAP is simply this- Is KAP a technique that can produce art? Based on the content displayed on this site and on the Flicker KAP page, the answer is a resounding yes. KAP produces art and for that reason lets all have a great 2024 and beyond.

  • Thanks Craig, absolutely agree !

  • Fort Grey, south-west Guernsey.

    The beach next to Fort Grey.

    I was lazy and risked changing the angle of my camera in a turbulent wind shadow rather than walk back to my launch spot. The kite death dived and the Sony got its first ever taste of sand in 10 years of ownership. Luckily it didn't land in a wet patch.

  • PFK Super Kite day. 15 to 26 knots.

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    Just realized we got @Pierre Lesage in action during our KAP session in Dhordo - on the lower right with his rokkaku just launched :wink:

  • Cool, I later had to switch to a Dan Leigh R8 delta to reach the altitude I was looking for to make a few panorama !

  • Vazon, Guernsey. West coast, low tide.
    Short 20 minute flight as it was very showery today - sun/cloud/rain/cloud etc.

  • Good one Ningaloo!

    Rainbows are hard to KAPture.


  • wow Ningaloo! chapeau! ;-)

  • A short flight at Delancey Park today.

  • Flying a Kite, lifting a small Auto KAP rig, making a walk on the beach, what a perfect combination.
    People you pass by look up surprised, and a smile on their faces will show.
    Ones ready flying the bonus comes, images of where you were.

    Camera iPhone SE2, Kite an Amsterdam Genki.

    Peter van Erkel

  • Fort Hommet, Guernsey. Line edited out.

  • Lighthouse at Savudrija / Salvore, Croatia, built in 1818 under the auspices of Emperor Francis I. of Austria.


  • Camera test flight. DJI Osmo Action mk 1 vs Insta360 One RS. I picked up the One RS on a recent Amazon deal and wanted to compare.

    The Osmo produces 12MP images. The Insta360 produces 48MP images through some kind of software trickery that eats up 96.1mb per DNG (raw) file compared to the Osmo's 24.7mb.
    Both cameras were set to Auto in setting sun conditions. The Osmo was taking pictures at 3 second intervals against the Insta360's 5 seconds. Both intervals were their shortest available while producing both file types. Neither can shoot just DNG.
    Shrunken versions of both original JPG files are shown further below. 2000 x 1500px each. You can in the second or so between pictures that the rig had swapped tilted angles.
    Considering the movement and reducing light, I think both cameras produced pretty good JPG images. I'm also working on a video comparison which I'll share in due course.

    DJI Osmo processed DNG file and downloaded from Flickr:

    Insta360 One RS processed DNG file and downloaded from Flickr:

    DJI Osmo original JPG file shrunk to 2000 x 1500px:

    Insta360 One RS original JPG file shrunk to 2000 x 1500px:

  • Today the wind was giving in. The Jalbert 7 hardly lifted, the ROL did not get high enough, but the Amsterdam Genki came to the rescue. Port of Pessegueiro PT.

    Peter van Erkel

  • @Ningaloo,
    thanks for taking time for comparison, it's always interesting. you"re right about insta ability to eat so many Mb ! what about the "spherical" aspect of the cameras ? they seem to have quite straight horizon, but both were almost non tilted, afa i can appréciate. ?
    I sometimes fly the osmo action2 and the fisheye effect is enormous !

  • Here is the action camera 4k video comparison that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I had to find a piece of software that offers split-screen viewing before making this. The free version of VideoProc Vlogger is what I have used.

  • A great short trip to Fakarava, a remote atoll in the Tuamotu's archipelagoe, ... soft wind, light rokkaku, autokap with a ricoh GR III...

  • Great Light, warm lagoon, good breeze, cool beer, Fun KAP session

  • wow, Pierre ... :-)

  • A great KAP session on the atoll of Ahe in the Tuamotu’s - French Polynesia.
    20 knots very stable trade winds - wobie picavet platform in auto kap mode - Ricoh GR III - a composite of 22 vertical shots assembled in Adobe Photoshop 24 and fine tuned in Lightroom classic as well as Topaz AI.

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