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Wooden radio control

A few months ago, my friend Mich2e gave me an OTG video receiver that he didn't use. For several years, it has been looking towards the future with wifi.

The advantage of this OTG is to have video feedback directly on the phone. Simply connect it via the USB socket where it draws its energy from the phone's battery and transfers the image from the rig transmitter to the screen.

Since then I have tried an assembly with the OTG and the phone attached by Velcro to my radio control to test the possibilities and it made me want to continue.

My specifications were to reduce the size, to secure the antenna and the controls buttons during handling and to avoid snagging them with the CV line in the event of an emergency maneuver by rewinding for example. Simplify the controls, improve the ergonomics and if possible the design.

Rather than trying to draw it, I preferred to make a version with pieces of plywood. This was quicker and allowed me to see what changes needed to be made. A second version quickly arrived with developments and defined the final version with new modifications.

I included:

  • the radio control power supply (4 x 1.5V batteries)
  • the RC electronic card
  • the joystick for pan and tilt
  • a trigger push button (A)
  • on/off of the video power supply on the rig using a toggle switch. (B) The potentiometer is replaced by fixed resistors
  • the third switch is double and controls, by the same action on the lever, the power supply of the RC (the potentiometer is replaced by fixed resistors) and closes/opens the connection between the OTG and the telephone because the OTG continues to drain the phone battery even if the phone is asleep.
  • the phone slot seems too big to accommodate my old phone which will remain dedicated to the RC kap. The larger case is designed to accommodate my current phone which is larger in case my old one runs out of battery.

The first version
Radiocommande 0

The final version
Radiocommande 1

Radiocommande 2

Radiocommande 2

Sorry for my bad english.


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