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The ROKKER , plan available

News about ROKKER
Bert Maetens was the first one that had in his hand a my original ROKKER - SMAC
Bert has been so kind to decide to publish in his BLOG a my personal document about ROKKER ; I have tried to add to KPB but is sounds that KPB is no more updated and maintained

plese find the necessary infos on
the plan / project informations are offered free for personal use, NOT for a commercial purpose

today about 25 ROKKERs are flying in the sky of most European countries and for me it is pleasure to see at some kite Festival ROKKERs coming from very different and far places

ROKKER is often utilized for KAP purposes... you can concentrate the attention to the camera and the kite will do his job... also in strange or difficult conditions

wish you good fly and good KAP, enjoy the ROKKER SMAC from Italy


  • The Rokker is a really great KAP kite - stable as a Rokkaku, but with a much wider wind range (it handles much stronger winds than a Rok) due to Sandro’s innovation :-)

  • Thanks KAPJasa,

    about the wind range "4 to 40 km/h" I want to clarify that the purpose is NOT to go out flying a kite with 40 km/h... flying kites and KAP should be an activity for pleasure... but the key feature is that if during a KAP session the wind speed is severely increasing , with the ROKKER ; the kite is still flying at a a good angle and in safe conditions; the kite is pulling a lot but much less than a ROK in the same conditions and it is possible to bring to ground safely RIG and kite
    a ROK in strong wind has high risk of breaking frame and nightmare landing... the ROKKER keeps a suitable shape and it is still flying without stressing too much the frame

    there are also good chances of making a proper ROKKER for strong wind choosing size - materials and features for the purpose

    SMAC from Italy

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