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A pearl from above

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We were a part of the Creative Days of Faust Vrančić festival on the island of Prvič, Croatia, and we did not miss the opportunity to do a KAP session above this pearl of the Šibenik archipelago.
The full story (with many more photos!) is on our website:
Enjoy! ;-)




  • Beautiful !

    congratulations KapJasa... for me it is always great pleasure to see how much you have grown up in all ways

    hope to see you somewhere someday

    SMAC from Italy

  • Thank you, Sandro! :-)

  • Beautiful coastal images. The resolution and detail is really impressive. Out of curiosity, what camera did you use? I'm guessing that the sensor must be a pretty decent size.

  • Wonderful KAP work! Looked like a tight place to put up the kite and KAP rig. Love the challenge. Keep the KAP shots (and stories) coming.


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    @dragonblade - it a Nikon P330, coolpix series, 12MP CMOS

    @Wind Watcher - yes, it was tight, but after a nervous liftoff the kite was over the sea and apart from some turbulent layers it was quite a smooth ride :-)

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    All great shots, but I especially like the air-to-air one of the other kite. You're inspiring me to get back out there some more this year.

  • Thanks, @Wind Watcher - and glad for the inspiration! :-)

  • Beautiful photos!

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