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Gent LED for Pentax needed

Hi all, I'm doing a bit more KAPing recently and found that all my Gent LEDs for the Pentax waterproof camera have stopped working. I know they are very old but could do with at least one to use with a new rig. I'd like to set the camera to 1000sec but can't do that when it is set on interval timing at the same time.
Here's hoping someone can help.
Fly High
Sue (UK)


  • Further info on this. Two days ago I thought I'd check out the wiring from the battery box and found that one wire was broken. A little soldering and the GentLED lives again.
    In the meantime I'd bought a Gentle's #021 GentLED controller. This turned out to be just the LED which responds to an input from a radio control which wasn't what I expected.
    This is now for sale. I live in the UK.
    The Gentle's #021 GentLED controller cost $27 but I also paid $19 postage 😟
    If you would like it, send me an offer on this site.
    Fly High

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