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Clearing off my shelf, offering kites and gear for sale

edited October 2023 in KAP Gear Sources

Update: Rok and 5.0 were taken.

Hi all,

I enjoyed KAP for several years while living in Northern California. My favorite was the simplicity of capturing photos with an RX-100 on an automatic rig so I could focus on and enjoy flying the kite. I never got around to stepping up to larger cameras or radio control as I had planned. After moving twice, juggling a career and starting a family, my gear has been sitting my home office shelf unused with no immediate plans to get back into the hobby. It was great fun while it lasted, and I still enjoy seeing everyone's incredible work. If anyone's interested, here's what I've got for sale right now. I will add photos when I get an opportunity. I may add my RX-100s and autorig too if there's interest. I'll cover shipping in the prices, and will ship within the continental US. Prices are negotiable, and we can work out a payment method that's most convenient.

Flowform 2.0
I used this kite the most for KAP. I enjoyed it because it packed easily in my bicycle panniers and didn't need to take any time for assembly. It is in great condition. Dropped in the water a couple times, but remains in excellent shape. Comes with original HQ nylon bag.
Asking $180.

KAP Foil 5.0
Never used for KAP, only flown a couple times. Comes with original HQ nylon bag.
Asking $375.

Jones Airfoil Rokkaku 7'
I regret not using this more often. In like new condition. Color is royal blue.
Asking $250.

Futaba 4YF
Never used, comes in original box.
Asking $75.

Brooxes Maxi KAP Kit
Never assembled, comes in original ziploc bag.
Asking $150 $75.
I just remembered that I used the original Pekabe blocks for my autorig that came with the Maxi Kit. So I've dropped the price to $75 since it comes with everything except for the blocks.

PM me if you're interested or have questions.



  • Message sent.


    I have the following still available (also adding some other items).

    Brooxes Maxi KAP Kit

    • Never assembled, comes in original ziploc bag.
    • All pieces present, except for the Pekabe blocks which are no longer available.
    • Great for spare parts or if you want to buy blocks separately.
    • Asking $75.

    Brooxes Servo-BEAK KAP Kit (Assembled)

    • Ready to fly depending on your camera (servo would need to be positioned to trigger the shutter) or if you want to use an intervalometer.
    • Asking $60.

    Futaba 4YF

    • Never used (brand new condition), comes in original box.
    • Asking $75.

    Flowform 2.0 kite

    • This was my "go to" for KAP. I loved it because it packs light and is very quick to get setup.
    • Excellent shape with barely any signs of use.
    • Asking $180.

    Sony DSC RX-100 III

    Sony DSC RX-100

  • Do you have a photo of the flowform 2 please. Is it very lightweight material? I made one of standard weight but a lighter one could be useful.
    (I'm supposed to be throwing stuff out at the moment but.........
    Fly High

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