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A Flight Over a True Renaissance Wonder

This KAP session was nothing short of incredible ... we were lucky to be invited to an amazing kite festival, Festa dell'Aquilone in Urbino, Italy, and of course we flew a kite over this phenomenally preserved Renaissance town.
The story of Urbino - with many more kite aerial photos! - can be found on our website:, and a couple of photos are below. Enjoy! ;-)




  • A wonderful subject, and of course some superb photos!

  • 7 years ago we had a holiday in the Marche and spent a night in Urbino. Though I had my KAP stuff with me I never managed a flight there. I'm super-impressed with your photos. Here's a KAP photo I took at Senigallia, just a few miles from Urbino.

  • Very impressive. A renaissance wonderland.

  • thanks y'all! :-)

    and yes, Dave, the spot is tricky - on the top of the hill, among other hills: perfect for turbulences, less so for kite flying ... :-)

  • URBINO beautiful place and top people...

    very nice pics

    SMAC from Italy

  • @KAP_Jasa >>> Great photos...👍

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